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"The Block" The "Edge" SPB - Super Premium Block
"The Block"The "Edge" SPB - Super Premium Block

The Founders, The Originators of "THE BLOCK", For perfect alignment every time! 

The Perfect Foundation For Your Pinewood Derby Project



XS3 Speed Bearings Air Deflectors
XS3 Speed BearingsAir Deflectors

Outlaw Racers, Don't get left in the dust, "Make" the dust with the XS3 Super Bearings!

Our Edge Air Deflectors, was the start of a revolution. Aerodynamics does MATTER!!!



Drill Bits - #42, #43, #44 & "The Block" Replacement Degree Pin. The "Edge" Super Pro Polishing Kit
Drill Bits - #42, #43, #44 & "The Block" Replacement Degree Pin.The "Edge" Super Pro Polishing Kit

When You Need Perfect Axle Alignment, Use The Right Tools!

The Most Extreme Polishing Process!



Hob-E-Lube The "Edge" Super Pro Lube
Hob-E-LubeThe "Edge" Super Pro Lube

Dry Graphite Lubricant W Molybdernum

Krytox GPL 100 Oil




Pin Vise
Pin Vise

5 Piece Swivel Head Pin Vise